Competitive Teams

In 2016 we formed our first two competitive cheerleading teams, and we are now expanding to at least 12 teams for 2019-2020, including Cheer, Pom Dance and Group Stunt. We have spaces for all aged 5 to 18 who can commit to a team!

Please note that we only have a small window each year where we accept new members (August – September 2019). If you would like to join part way through the season then please still get in touch, but you may need to wait a few months before you can join.

Competitive teams train for slightly longer and are working towards performing complex routines at regional and national competitions. Competitive cheerleading and dance requires a higher level of commitment and cost than recreational cheerleading, but athletes are able to make a lot more progress as they train in a consistent team.

For full details about our fourth competitive season, please have a read through our 2019 Taster Sessions & Team Placements Information for details about how to join and our 2019-20 Competitive Teams Information Pack for all of the important information about the different teams, costs, competitions and policies.

Please also see our Wildfire Cheer 2019-20 Timetable for all team training times. This may be updated after our Team Placements and Trials in August 2019.

As we now have so many teams, this can all look very confusing, especially for new members. Please Contact Us and we will be able to advise you on which teams and classes are suitable for your child and how to join.