What is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is an exciting team sport which involves acrobatic stunts and pyramids, tumbling (floor gymnastics), synchronised jumps and dance. These elements are all incorporated into cheerleading routines. These routines can be intended purely for performance purposes, but for competitive or ‘allstar’ cheerleading teams, the aim is compete at cheerleading competitions against other teams from all over the country.

Modern competitive cheerleading is a far cry from its origins on the sidelines of American football games. Forget the stereotypes – competitive cheerleaders prefer to be the main event, not the sideshow!

Cheerleading builds physical fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility. It helps to build confidence; encourages everyone to push themselves to be their best and working as a team is essential. Both boys and girls of all shapes and sizes are welcome – in fact due to the nature of cheerleading stunts, it really helps to have a mix of smaller people to be flyers (the ones lifted into the air) and taller/stronger people to be bases (the ones that lift them).

As of September 2019 we will be offering 4 different recreational classes, at least 12 competitive teams in cheer, pom dance and group stunt, as well as tumbling classes.