A Grand Finale to Season 2!

Our 2nd full season as a club has now come to an end – and what a fantastic year it has been! We expanded our recreational classes and competitive teams and we saw great progress from all of our cheerleaders.

Cheer City Nationals 2018

The final competition of the season for our 7 competitive teams was Cheer City Nationals, in Leicester on the 23rd and 24th of June. It’s safe to say we finished on a high with some fantastic results

Ember (Tiny Novice) – 1st Place! An amazing result for our newest and youngest team, only formed 4 months ago. Well done girls!

Sparkle (Mini Community Level 1) – 2nd Place. Great improvement from their first competition with lots of new tumbling and stunts performed!

Glimmer (Mini Level 1) – 3rd Place. Glimmer really showed what they were made of in a big division of 9 teams. Another huge score improvement (2.5 points!) from their last competition.

Flames Extreme (Mini GS Level 1) – 1st Place! Flames Extreme were over the moon to place first after being so close at their other competitions. They competed some very difficult stunts which they should all be proud of!

Explosion (Junior GS Level 1) – 1st Place! Our Junior group stunt absolutely smashed their final competition, hitting a their elite routine and managing to get the highest % score of all junior and senior group stunts at the competition – amazing!

Inferno (Senior Level 1) – 2nd Place. Our oldest team put on a fantastic show and their confidence definitely shined through against tough competition (a division of 10). We can’t wait to see what Inferno can do next season!

Blaze (Youth Level 1) – 1st Place. After being so close to 1st place at both earlier competitions, Blaze really wanted to win this one! And with a flawless routine they not only did that, but they also became Youth Grand Champions – for the highest score across all Youth teams, a fantastic 95%. Amazing Result!


Wildfire Cheer Summer Showcase 2018

On Thursday 5th July, all 7 of our competitive teams performed their routines at our showcase for one last time. All 4 of our recreational classes also performed the routines they had been working on and cheerleaders from all teams put on a tumbling display. The showcase was a huge success and everyone performed brilliantly. We couldn’t have asked for a better end for our season.

We are so grateful to all of the parents who helped out with stalls, moving chairs, photos and tickets! And a big thank you to all of the local businesses who donated to our raffle. We managed to raise over £1000 all together which is amazing – this is enough to buy a whole new 12m mat with some to spare for more tumbling equipment. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our club!


Bring on Season 3!


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